Buying Tips

How I Can Help You Buy a Home

Happy Couple           Buying a home is a big deal, whether it's your first or you're a seasoned pro. By teaming up with me, you'll discover a home in the neighborhood you love, one that fits your budget and checks all your boxes for features, quality, and value. Once you've found your dream home, I'll walk you through every step—making an offer, negotiating terms, getting inspections, getting appraisals, and getting you to closing on time. When you work with me, you will: - Have a better chance of finding a home that meets all your criteria - Spend less time house-hunting - Understand all the terms, processes, and documents involved in buying a home - Get up-to-date market info to make smart decisions - Have a skilled negotiator on your side, dedicated to your best interests - Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that every detail is handled by an experienced pro Let's make your home-buying journey smooth and successful! Want to know the things to consider when buying a home?  Click here for your free homebuyer guide.  Come back often as it changes each season.

If you’re seeing headlines about sellers slashing prices and are worried about what that means for home values, let's clear things up. There’s a difference between the asking price and the sold price. While more sellers are adjusting their asking price, that’s a signal of moderating demand – not falling home values. As this graphic shows, actual sold prices are still climbing. Contact me for details about the neighborhood you are interested in buying in.


Selling Tips

How I Can Help You Sell a Home

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Helping you find a buyer for your home is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what a real estate professional does. There’s so much more to it! We dive into the nitty-gritty of real estate practices and principles, handle all the paperwork, and perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to nail down your home's value. We help get your home sale-ready, list it, market it, and keep you in the loop every step of the way. Once the offers start rolling in, we assist with paperwork, negotiate for you, meet deadlines, and coordinate with the escrow company.

When you work with me, you can expect to:

- Maximize the return on the sale of your home. - Minimize the number of days your home spends on the market. - Get acquainted with all the terms, processes, and paperwork involved in selling your home. - Ensure your home gets seen by more buyers and agents with qualified clients. - Receive up-to-date market info to help you make informed decisions. - Have a skilled negotiator in your corner. - Enjoy peace of mind, knowing every detail is handled by a licensed pro.

Ready to make your move? Let’s get started!